Donate to KU Hockey

To become a sponsor and make a tax deductible donation, Click Here. Or you may call KU Endowment at 785-832-7400 and request a donation to the KU Ice Hockey Club Team.

KU Endowment promptly sends receipts acknowledging every gift, with a calculation of the maximum tax deduction allowable by Internal Revenue Service policies. Many gifts are entirely deductible as charitable contributions. Exceptions are gifts for which donors receive goods or services; these gifts are partially deductible. The IRS accepts your receipts from KU Endowment as documentation of deductibility.

All donations will make an immediate impact on the program. Your support is critical to helping our program provide the amenities required to attract top student-athletes and to keep costs low for current and future players.

Current Sponsors

  • Jim Biggs
  • Gladon Company